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I have written the xrick code. However, graphics and maps and sounds are by the authors of the original Rick Dangerous game, and "Rick Dangerous" remains a trademark of its owners (Core Design) who have yet to reply to my emails.

This makes it a bit difficult to formally release the whole code, including data for graphics and maps and sounds, under the terms of licences such as the GNU General Public License. So the code is released in the spirit of the GNU GPL. Whatever that means. Do what you want with it, but please let me know. I hate it when I discover xrick has been ported to the FooDoo GameSphereTM and I was not even aware of it.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Version #021212

source code + data (zip) [1645Kb]
source code + data (tgz)xrick-021212.tgz [1610Kb]
Windows binary (with SDL) [1608Kb]
Linux i386 binary (without SDL)xrick-021212-linux386.tgz [1511Kb]
Linux RPMshere (Thanks to Grégoire Colbert)

Links to ports (I do not maintain those pages)

Nitendo GameCube (Anders Granlund)
GP32 (Anders Granlund)
UbuntuGutsy Gibbon packages (Pierre-Yves Landuré)

Version #010808

source code + dataxrick-010808.tgz [240Kb]
BeOS (Thanks to Eugenia Loli-Queru)
Linux RPMshere (Thanks to Grégoire Colbert)
Amiga portAmiga SDL (Thanks to Gabriele Greco)

Version #010721

source code + dataxrick-010721.tgz [151Kb]

Version #010710

source code + dataxrick-010710.tgz [204Kb]

Version #010315

source code + dataxrick-010315.tgz [146Kb]
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